Gallery 70


Martin Stommel is the perfect artist to introduce contemporary art from Germany to Tirana

The elegance of the dance, the battle to celebrate the beauty of life, and the forms that the human body takes as it dances are the artistic inspiration of German artist Martin Stommel exhibiting starting today in Tirana. “Sometimes I work with certain models that help me a lot in my work. I usually tell them to dance. It happens to record them as they dance and then I capture the sequence of the moving body and the elegance that it is needed for the painting . This is how it happened when I decided to paint portraits of circus artists and so it is with the characters of this artistic cycle. But there are times when I don’t work with models, as it is the case here, when I saw my two kids breakdancing and I saw a tremendous amount of energy in their bodies. It’s a life motive this moment, “says painter Martin Stommel.

The inner peace stands together with the explosive forms and strength and this is what Martin Stommel transmits through his paintings. The Albanian public can enjoy his artworks at Gallery 70, near Toptani Shopping Center “

“Martin Stommel is the perfect artist to introduce contemporary art from Germany. He is well known for his cycle of paintings featuring circus artists. His painting has a dynamic movement. Here we have pictures that show the beauty of the movement as they dance. When the German gallery and Gallery 70 said we would like to bring his works to Tirana, we immediately agreed to have the artist present his exhibition in October. I really like this painting behind me. I love the way these guys are dancing “break dance” in the middle of the street. There is freedom in this painting. I really like the movement and this painting, “said Enrico Gunther, Cultural and Press Attaché at the German Embassy in Tirana. The German artist is visiting the country for the first time and he says that he never thought that the Albanian capital loved visual art so much even in private galleries, and that Albanian art students would seek an artistic conversation with him.

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