Gallery 70

A metaphor of elegance, Jon Kraja between colorful paintings and sculpture.

Elegance can be brutal too, and in a consumerist  society,  it seems that it sells better  than anything. This  noise and movement  is brought to life by the artist Jon Kraja through three large scale paintings and two sculptures.”I’ve seen it and see it from the perspective of a metaphor of shapes” says the artist. Even though two works are made with recyclable material,  Kraja does not want to say that he has a message. He only tries to give sensations. “I am not an artist who is known for social causes, although  I have dealt a lot with the issue of plastic. In a former  exhibition  I have dealt with the distortion of the bottle, the same process is reappearing here but it follows another way, after this brutal deformation,  I recreate the  elegance in a different form ”, explains Kraja. The exhibition, which opened Thursday night at Gallery 70, will remain open at Toptani Center until October 19th.

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