January 23  > March 7, 2020


Ergys Zhabjaku
Fish Tank

January 23 > March 7, 2020
Tirane | Gallery70, Rruga Abdi Toptani te Qendra Toptani

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Opening reception:
Thursday, January 23, 18:00-20:00


Gallery70 is pleased to invite you to join us for the opening reception in the presence of the artist.
Ergys Zhabjaku returns to Gallery70 with a solo show presenting a cycle of abstract photographs called “Fish Tank”. These works represent a
subtle evolution on the artist career. “ The current project is build on the relation of the creature with the universe and the time, with time’s
two borderlines: birth and death, two extremities defining mankind’s life. But this relation makes sense only if the time and the creatures have
a memory, otherwise the beginning and the end are the same thing. The project develops inside a fish tank, which is a miniature model of the
universe. The water is the key element conditioning the presence of intelligent life and the fish is the truth of life animating the very first
moment when everything began” – says the artist about the works in show.



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