1 November 2019 – 10:13am

For a painter this is rather difficult talking about a single subject in arts, it‘s comparable to painting a landscape – but only the trees, or only the meadow, only the clouds. In arts it seems so that every single part is bound to each other in a way, that no single part makes sense without the others.Famous Paul Cezanne had once stated, the colors in a painting would be like a bowl, and any wrong color would be like a damage, like a hole, so that all life of the painting should leak through, like water would leak out of the bowl. Well I think this is a somewhat neurotic view

regarding the colors of a painting, but the idea of accordance is quite old and maybe it should help us in our epochs situation, which is so full of changes. Actually it‘s been the idea of accordance which was most attacked in our times. Since about 150 years the artists image turned increasingly towards a certain heroic misunderstanding. The art critics and museums as well as the art market became accustomed to celebrate artworks, that didn‘t find anymore contact to the main society. This trend aimed at a maximal accordance of the artist with his own idea of his work. But in result there were lots of artists especially after the war, whose success depended fully on the management of dealers and collectors. Agents and interpreters became very crucial protagonists in the art scene, the market for contemporary art grew to the nowadays extent. Also still growing the number of artists, in Germany we probably have about 150.000 artists only of visual arts, even though Germany holds little more than
1 % of the international art trade. The average artist in Germany has no studio of his own and no fixed gallery, working in various jobs to finance his living. Read more…

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