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Gallery 70

The figurative paintings of Alban Hajdinaj,
bring back historical moments

An interview with Alban Hajdinaj

A cycle of paintings, almost anachronical , historical events brought forward in “reenactment shows”,
figures moving dressed in military uniforms, these is what you will discover in the latest exhibition of
Gallery 70, at Toptani Center..
Alban Hajdinaj brings a style of painting of the XX century , that attracts the curiosity of the public
from the large vitrine of the gallery. They look like images cut from newspapers and collated in colored
backgrounds but as you approach the images you discover the paintings that are very appealing.
The technique used for the realization of this cycle is not very usual in our days . Hajdinaj, brings a
twentieth century tradition of painting, realized on quasi cinematic backgrounds. Discover more on
Gallery 70, until the end of May 2019.

April 6, 2019

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