Gallery 70

Në “Parfume” with Orion Shima “Between darkness and light”

The artworks of the cycle “Between Darkness and Light” focus on a figure which is human and alien as well . A diver dressed in its diving suit, appears alone coming out of the water. He stands alone as the only character on the large scale paintings, while the smaller paintings focus more on his portrait where we can only see the cover that hides entirely his human aspect . Orion Shima meets the public with his latest works at Gallery 70.

OSH-It’s a very short cycle, that I started in 2017 and it was sleeping in my studio, with the idea to move to a larger project. Since I was involved in to many other projects during this time and I did not return to this cycle. One day together with some other artists we decided to put our small projects together and expose them at Gallery 70

Parfume : Gallery 70 is a strategic point, with a commercial context and an artist’s meeting point. What was your goal when you decided to expose here : to attract the audience or something else ?

OSH -Of course it is also the audience. But more than anything else , I believe that Gallery ’70 is the only gallery in Tirana, which has decided to play the role of a genuine art gallery, with all its parameters. It is not a gallery that works with projects, but a gallery that focus on highly qualitative artworks and certainly aims to attract its audience and introduce it to a very good art.

Parfume: If you watch the cycle from the first artwork to the last one, it looks like a movie, a frame disconnected from a cinematic scenario. Does it sound right what I’m saying?

OSH – It can be seen like this as well. In my painting, I primary select the figure and your reasoning is not far from the reality. It is important to choose that frame, and to build on that momentum that the audience will have the possibility to interpret in various ways , for sure within the concept that the author wanted to tell. But the freedom that the public will have with its interpretation will be completely personal.

Perfume: Are there two worlds inside the frame?
OSH – This is what I wanted and I believe that they are , they express exactly this individual who lives in the midst of these two worlds. All his search comes to light: objects, situations, and I also chose him as a metaphor of an artistic subconscious . The artist himself has two worlds, he has his everyday r like everyone else , but he also has this other world where he searches in his soul to bring out his art.

Parfume: The figure looks like being the same character everywhere. It is impossible to distinguish his portrait because of what he is wearing . Why you did not choose to have a clean portrait, at least in one of the paintings?

OSH – I purposely wanted him to remain unidentified for the public, and all the situation develops in this kind of game. Its costume transforms him in an alien, and you do not explore its spiritual moments but his gesture while he moves between these two worlds.

Parfume: Is the world above the most beautiful?

OSH -I believe that both worlds are interesting. Of course, this kind of contrast between a world that is less known to us, a world of human under-conscience creates a sort of counterpoint that I would not know how to distinguish which is the most beautiful . I believe that both are beautiful; in both worlds we can find inspiration and opportunities to get to know ourselves.

Parfume: Since 2017, you’ve preserved fanatically this cycle in your studio, there are few hours that it is presented to the public. Do you think that the first impact is over ? Sometimes the first confrontation can be stronger?

OSH -Of course, in every new show, we have the dilemma of how the artworks will be expected, will the audience understand the essence of what we create. I believe from what I have seen that the exhibition had a good impact , people start to enter in another world, and of course the story itself is intriguing and surprising. Yes I believe it is well received.

Parfume : I thank you for sharing with us, feeling and surely your work.

OSH -I thank you too!

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