This is the End – Itinerant exhibition

June 15 – September 15, 2018


Opening reception: Friday, June 15, 5–7pm
Albanian Embassy Art Gallery, Hoge Nieuwstraat 22, 2514EL The Hague
Photo: Jon Kraja, This is the end, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 120 × 120 cm ©


The Albanian Embassy in the Netherlands and Gallery 70 Contemporary art are pleased to present Jon Kraja’s This is the end, in the Netherlands, the first presentation of the artist in the country, following his earlier exhibition in Strasbourg, Council of Europe. 2018 is the year of European Cultural Heritage and we do believe that modern and contemporary Albanian artist give their contribution to the artistic heritage that we prepare for the posterity.

“This is the End” is a cycle of large format paintings , where emotions create fractures and a state of being not programmed, thought or projected before. The colors pour out on canvas . Their stream follows unconscious paths. The artiste observes the process of colors mixing , follows their paths, slightly domesticates their wild trajectories, softly interacts with the canvas , creating these explosive images, fragile, unique and impossible to create twice.
Paradoxally in front of Jon Kraja’s painting, embarked in this planetary explosion, in the middle of this massive information, the playfulness of textures and colors, you are left with the impression that the abstract, subconscious, comes close to the essence of reality…

JonKraja (b. 1970 ) Descending from a family of artists and raised during the period of communist dictatorship in Albania, Jon Kraja has developed an original and personal style in visual arts and set design based on autodidactic research, going beyond conformity. He produces powerful and surprising paintings, graphics, installations and set designs. He is preoccupied with the unknown and the mystery of lifeless objects, which drive him in research of unexplored spaces of creation. What strikes on his works is the deep exploration into the spirit of things, avoiding the effort to create artworks belonging to a particular trend.
Jon Kraja currently works on painting, graphic art, digital art and installation in his private studio in Tirana, Albania

Painting, Set design, Graphic art, Street Art, Spray Paint, Contemporary art, Graphic Design, Painting, Line, Form and Color, Installation

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