You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire

“You act like mortals in all that you fear,
and like immortals in all that you desire

Mixed media acrylic, ink, pencil, collages and different materials on paper, 45 x 35 cm, year 2020  

Mitet kanë rënë!… Paqëndrueshmëria e përhershme është bërë tashmë status i qëndrueshëm në bashkohësinë tonë! “Spiderman” nuk mund të shpëtojë botën nga frika apo pasiguria e të nesërmes!… Ky mit i realizmit kapitalist është “djali plangprishës” në utopinë e tij, nën kontrollin e sistemit dhe duket larg ëndrrës dhe dëshirës për të shpëtuar njerzimin. Çdo përpjekje e tij tashmë është e survejuar, e kalkuluar, dhe jashtë çfarëdo lloj dëshire mitike për të na dhënë shpresë dhe guxim për të jetuar…. 

The myths have fallen!… Permanent instability has become now an enduring and ever-present status in our time. “Spiderman” cannot save the world from the fear, or the insecurity of tomorrow! … This myth of capitalist realism, the “prodigal son” in his utopia, is under the control of the system. He seems far too detached from the dream to save the humanity and does not even want to act anymore. Every effort of the Spiderman is already understood, surveyed, calculated and out of touch with the kind of mythical aspirations that gave us hope and courage to live….

#Ardian Isufi ka lindur më 1973 dhe është diplomuar në Akademinë e Arteve të Tiranës në vitin 1995 në Atelienë e Grafikës. Që nga viti 1996 jep mësim si Profesor i Asocuar në atelienë e Grafikës. Prof. Asoc. Ardian Isufi është Dekani i Fakultetit të Arteve të Bukura, Universiteti i Arteve – Tiranë Artist me një karierrë të gjatë ne skenën e artit pamor, kritikës, organizimit te aktiviteteve artistike dhe kurimit te ekspozitave. 

Si artist ka marrë pjesë në shumë veprimtari artistike kombëtare dhe ndërkombëtare, ne vende të ndryshme si në Itali, Greqi, Francë, Austri, Kinë, Shtetet e Bashkuara etj, ku mes të tjerash mund të veçohen; Bienalja e Tiranes 2009, artist i ftuar nga Pavijoni Shqiptar në Bienalen e Arkitektures në Venecia më 2018, pjesmarrës dhe fitues i çmimit të tretë në vitin 2005 dhe atë të dytë në vitin 1996 në Konkursin Ndërkombëtar të Arteve Pamore “Onufri”, etj. Si kurator dhe kritik arti veprimtaria e tij është shumë e gjërë, artisti përfaqëson më së miri brezin e artistëve dhe intelektualueve shqiptarë të impenjuar dhe aktivë në të gjithë spektrin e veprimit publik. Në punën e tij, Ardian Isufi ka krijuar një marrëdhënie konstante me publikun shqiptar, si artist apo kurator, duke tentuar përherë ta ballafaqojë atë me problematika akute social-shoqërore por përherë të hetuara nga një këndvështrim dhe një qasje bashkëkohore dhe globale. 

#Ardian Isufi was born in (1973) and graduated from the Academy of Arts in Tirana in 1995 in the Atelier Graphics. He has been a lecturer, since 1996 and Associated Professor and former  is Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Arts, Tirana.

 Artist with a long career in the contemporary art scene, art critique continuously involved in organizing artistic activities and curating exhibitions. As an artist, he has participated in many national and international artistic activities in various countries such as Italy, Greece, France, Austria, China, United States etc., where among others is worth mentioning; Tirana Biennale 2009, Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018 as an artist invited by the Albanian Pavilion, participant and winner of the third prize in 2005 and second prize in 1996 at the “Onufri Prize” the Albanian International Visual Arts Competition, etc. As a curator and art critic, his work is wide-ranging, the artist best represents the generation of Albanian artists and intellectuals actively engaged transversely all the spectrum of public action. In his work, Ardian Isufi has established a constant relationship with the Albanian public, as an artist or curator, always trying to confront public with acute social problems, always investigated from a contemporary and global point of view. 



Projekti nga Shpëtim Kërçova, “Galery 70” ju rrëfen tablotë plot lëvizje të jetës urbane


Petra Rintelen | Discovering meaning owing to beauty

Petra Rintelen

The trial, 2020 - Contact For Price

Petra Rintelen

Nocturne with Fox, 2020 - Contact For Price

“Quite normal things and pieces of scenery were concerted in ever changing compositions, ordered in tonal values, in a sometimes semi-dark room, that is ruminant, aesthetical, without further perspective statement.”

Petra Rintelen – Discovering meaning owing to beauty 

The still-lifes of  Petra Rintelen show fruits, animals, flowers, skulls, dishes, vases and other objects. Since centuries this genre exists, like in the paintings by Georg Flegel up to Otto Scholderer. The well-arranged compositions presented seashells, beetles and food in a light corner, an exclusive part of daylife, decorating the dining-room, masterly executed, arresting attention. The paintings of Petra Rintelen arise from some other mind-set. Quite normal things and pieces of scenery were concerted in ever changing compositions, ordered in tonal values, in a sometimes semi-dark room, that is ruminant, aesthetical, without further perspective statement. Often her settings are apparently visited, used or observed, by a fox, a magpie or a band of lemurs. So the paintings achieve another dimension, like a poem, in order to win this absoluteness, the essence. Through cutting the objects, unclear conditions of space and cause, she is leading the spectator beyond sensual perception. In moving the objects or the protagonists away from the chaining middles of the canvas, she is creating a consciousness for the perpetual „over“. By the slipping away of all ephemeral, she discovers meaning owing to beauty, lays open the deceiving appearance and the vanity of life. We will already find Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin discreetly entering this intellectual dimension, who captured in his still-lifes the objects in the charm of light and colour for the following generations up to Petra Rintelen. But, rarely another follower succeeded like her in creating such a metamorphosis to construe existence, such perceptible, pure and vivid sense beyond her motif.

Dr. Friedhelm Häring Art Historian / Director at Oberhessisches Museum 1978 - 2012


Petra Rintelen graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts Enschede in the Netherlands in 1997. On the late 90‘s Rintelen turned to surrealistic motifs . Over the last 20 years Rintelen created a quite individual world of expression based on a painting space that is strongly restricted, where she deals with rather cryptic, apparently symbolical scenes. The artist often applies still-life as a stage for various animals of sometimes traditionally meaningful character.

Petra Rintelen in Tiergarten-Schönbrunn-Wien2



Selection of recent exhibitions:

2020 Kunstmuseum Gerhardt-von-Reutern-Haus, Willingshausen (groupshow)

2020 Kunstverein Werkstatt, Gelsenkirchen

2018 ARTHUS Galerie, Zell a. H.

2018 Discovery Art Fair, ARTHUS Galerie, Frankfurt a. M. (art fair) 2018 Hilbert Raum, Berlin

2017 artfein gallery, Berlin

2016 Berliner Liste Art Fair, artfein gallery (art fair)

2016 Gallery Weekend, artfein gallery, Berlin

2015 Contemporary Art Ruhr, artfein gallery (art fair)


“Petra Rintelen’s still lifes do not make a metaphorical reference to moral values, but rather reify the plot and its “actors” in a significant prop. In a pointed way, the artist combines the emblematic reference function of early Baroque still lifes with the tendencies towards the “fetishization” of the object that have been observed since the beginning of the 19th century, which regard the inanimate object as a significant relic of an individual or a group.” extract Prof. Klaus Hammer


Exhibition „Exiters and Enterers“ 2020 : Martin Stommel, Petra Rintelen, Dr. Friedhelm Härin

In conversation with Petra

G70 Did you dream to become an artist as a child ?

PR -As a child I always painted, I even remember some impressions of me sitting in the kindergarden painting at a table. I yet remember the smell of the pencils. Well I believe what I wanted to become was painter or researcher.

G70 Who or what inspired you to be an artist ?

PR -Nature! And my grandfather, because he always taught me to see the plants, the animals, to learn about nature and to observe.


G70 I get a theatrical feeling looking at your artworks. How do you create this very special atmosphere?

PR – I think it has a lot to do with the conduct of the light, and actually I often create a set of things on a table or elsewhere and try a lot in which corner of the studio I get the best illumination by the daylight, the most intimate or slightly dramatic light. That depends on my motif and how I want to make this little „stage“.

Detail from Fantastical Find

Flamingo Feather

G70 How do you think Covid has impacted your work ?

PR Well to be honest, I couldn‘t say that Covid really changed my working. In my work I‘m in my work. It changed rather the circumstances of life generally, to meet rather few people, to see my exhibition shut down prematurely, not to embrace people. But I take this virus quite seriously and I wish this disease on nobody, myself included.