Dreaming home is elsewhere

May 4 >June 30, 2017


Eleonore Josso – Jon Kraja
Opening Reception : May 7, 6-8pm
Gallery 70 at Toptani Shopping Center Ground Floor, Tirana


DREAMING HOME IS ELSEWHERE.. , special project category

two concepts side by side taking you away into the “other home” inside yourself , the unknown, the subconscious, the galaxy, the universe, the fractures, the colors …

“Milk Run”
Constructed like stops on fragmented images, samples of feelings, Milk Run is a bit like a kaleidoscope of apprehensions, evocations. It is more a matter of displacement.
Each painting of the series Milk Run offers its own elaboration; The painting is above all carved in values and colors. Its palette is restricted and we progress in the space of the canvas by resonances, that is how Eleonore takes us in this process of displacement.
Our gaze is lost in the white of reserve and confronts to the white material as a constructed form that will constitute a road, a mountain slope, a light. The game of perspective responds, reverses and infiltrates in the games of materials The homogeneous black is almost impenetrable, where the blues, the grays oscillate between dense and diluted. Thus, we traverse materias and lines, as a mechanic of theater sets.
This overlap, this juxtaposition of landscapes, is close to what Foucault defines as heterotopia in the sense that it juxtaposes in a single place several spaces , incompatible themselves in real space, and that heterotopias are either spaces of illusions or spaces of perfections
“This is the end”
“This is the End” is a cycle of large format paintings , where emotions create fractures and a state of being not programmed, thought or projected before. The colors pour out on canvas . Their stream follows unconscious paths. The artiste interferes in the process of mixing the colors , tracing their paths, slightly domesticating their wild trajectories, softly interacting with the canvas , creating these explosive images, fragile, unique and impossible to create twice.
Paradoxally in front of Jon Kraja’s painting, embarked in this planetary explosion, in the middle of this massive information, the playfulness between textures and colors, you are left with the impression that the abstract, subconscious, comes close to the essence of reality…!

Jon Kraja is born in 1970 in Tirana, Albania where graduated from the Arts Academy. He has developed an original style mostly based on autodidact research. He works are featured in collective and personal exhibitions, both in Albania and abroad: Switzerland, Germany, USA, France and Netherlands .To discover more about the artist http://jonikraja.com

Eleonore Josso (guest artist) is born in France wher she graduated in 2015 as a painter. She holds a « Doctorat d’Arts Plastiques » from Panthéon Sorbonne and MFA à NYU Steinhardt, New York. To discover more about the artist http://eleonorejosso.com



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